Terms of service

Payments can be made by Interac transfer to feeriedesarts@gmail.com or if you wish to pay by credit card, the enchantment of the arts will direct you to the purchase of the product on the online store. Certified cheques only. No other cheques will be accepted. Each work of art is professionally packaged to ensure quality delivery.

Upon receipt of payment for an original artwork you have purchased, the artist will provide you with a certificate of authenticity. The certificate of authenticity you receive guarantees the value of the painting, as well as the accuracy of a real work made by the artist and not a reproduction. This proof is to be kept for life, as it proves that the authentic work belongs to you.

Note that there are no refunds after the sale of a painting or derivative products. The deposit to reserve a painting is non-refundable.

La féerie des arts par Chantal Duplessis withdraws from all responsibility after the proper delivery of the work.

The artist retains his copyright on the work, which is prohibited plagiarism, as well as the sale of reproduction of the work without consent of the artist.